Palm Bites Date Squares

Palm Bites Date Squares

New product alert! Palm Bites officially launched our new Date Squares! Healthy and delicious, our Date Squares contain 4 simple and all-natural ingredients: dates, sesame, tahini, and walnuts. Yes- that's it! They are rich and nutty, with a delicate natural sweetness of dates.

Try them today:

Large - 1.85lb Box contains 40 Date Squares

Small - 375g Box contains 12 Date Squares

Or try them in a mixed box with your favourite flavour of Palm Bites!



  • Christel Hawkins

    I have just been diagnosed with diabetes and I’m not sure if the carb count in your palmbites would be low enough for me.
    Thanks in advance

  • Sue

    Thank you so much for my order of PalmBites, they are delicious! They arrived in the community mail box Christmas Eve but due to a huge amount of snow falling from the skies I only collected them today (30/12)
    I will definitely be ordering again.
    Keep up with your amazing products.
    I’m so happy to support Canadian businesses.

    Happy New Year to you all.

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